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Tracking Platform

Find out about our multi-network tracking solutions.

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Campaign Management

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Partner Recruitment

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Advertiser Benefits

  • Trusted Services – Our Founders have been launching successful performance-based campaigns since 1999, and currently hold leadership roles at several of the premier organizations in the industry such as the Performance Marketing Association Board of Directors. Experience why our management services have won multiple industry awards and why top brands trust DirectClick with their campaigns. Learn More
  • Top Partners – We have established relationships with all of the top performers in the industry, and work with over 120,000 partners who are currently driving conversions to at least one of our campaigns. Gain access to partners that are willing to communicate openly, launch mutually profitable campaigns, and targeted traffic that truly adds value by driving new customers or leads. Learn More
  • Quality Control – The experience we’ve built managing performance-based campaigns the past 10+ years has allowed us to identify the safeguards necessary to not only drive results for our partners, but prevent fraud and ensure high quality as well. Our focus on brand protection is second to none, and we’ve made substantial investments in the technologies and resources required to protect our partners effectively. Learn More
  • Flexible Tracking – Whether it’s CPA, CPC, Pay-Per-Call, mobile traffic, mobile application installs, QR codes or leads, the DirectClick network makes tracking online and offline campaigns easier than ever. Our platform also provides real-time reporting on every metric imaginable to allow you to optimize campaigns accordingly and provide transparency to your partners. Learn More
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Partnership opportunities that result in win-win situations are almost treated as a luxury, but that’s where we set the standard at DirectClick. Our solutions were built to provide partners the platform and strategic guidance necessary to add value, and for advertisers to launch quality focused performance-based campaigns that drive incremental business.

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