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DirectClick's multi-network tracking capabilities provide the platform necessary to efficiently launch and manage campaigns on multiple performance marketing networks within a single interface. Specializing in the distribution of CPA offers and facilitating sub-affiliate partnerships, DirectClick has several advanced features to monitor and optimize the quality of each individual traffic source associated with a campaign.


The experience built managing successful performance-based campaigns since 1999 has allowed us to develop a set of processes that have driven results for brands ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. One of the main contributors to our success has been the need for our continued involvement across the various types of marketing channels utilized by our publisher base, which has allowed us to continuously evolve our core processes and stay ahead of the curve. We've also invested heavily in expanding our product development team, and continue to launch groundbreaking new software applications that streamline efficiencies in managing even the most complex of programs.


Let'sEarn Together

Partnership opportunities that result in a win-win situations are almost treated as a luxury, but at DirectClick that's where we set the standard. Our solutions were built to provide Publishers the platform and strategic guidance necessary to add value, and for advertisers to launch quality focused performance-based campaigns that drive incremental business.

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