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partner recruitment

Agency Services - Our white-label solutions allow agencies to expand their service offerings and assign a trusted resource to outsource the management of their client’s performance-based campaigns. We perform all white-label services under the agencies brand (including all partner communications), and provide agency partners the ability to create a new revenue channel while eliminating the need of hiring additional internal staff.

Our Campaign Management solution covers all aspects of a performance-based campaign from top to bottom. Agency partners are assigned an Account Management team lead by a Strategic Consultant to execute all of the necessary campaigns on their behalf, and receive private label reporting to provide to their clients.
Our Partner Recruitment solution includes access to our proprietary recruitment tool, which allows us to identify relevant partners currently driving business in any vertical. Once we’ve identified top prospects, we’ll execute our high converting outreach process to aggressively recruit each of them.
Our Network Access solution allows agencies to manage performance-based campaigns directly, while also providing access to our feature rich tracking platform and base of proven partners.
Our Strategy Development solution includes a competitive analysis, recruitment strategy and trustworthy guidance on high potential opportunities to pursue and the safeguards that need to be put in place to ensure high quality results.

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