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As a DirectClick partner, we accelerate your ability to generate income by identifying your areas of expertise, becoming familiar with your needs, and bringing high potential opportunities to the table. Our direct relationships with top brands will provide you access to exclusive offers at top payouts, and our flexible technology makes tracking integration a near seamless process. An experienced staff is also readily available to provide dedicated support and ensure you have the tools necessary to be successful. Sign up today and experience how DirectClick facilitates growth through a feature rich platform, reliable reporting, and a strategic approach to partner relationships.

  • Exclusive Offers - Our partners gain access to a growing list of direct offers from top advertisers who are willing to build longterm relationships by launching strategical campaigns that add value to both parties.
  • Top Payouts - We feature the highest payouts for all of our direct offers, and also approach advertisers on behalf of top performing partners to expand those relationships and negotiate exclusive terms.
  • SubID Tracking - Our advanced tracking technology allows partners to easily integrate SubID tracking into their links so they can identify quality traffic sources and optimize their performance.
  • Dedicated Support - All partners have access to an experienced staff of campaign managers who handle technical support, optimization guidance and assist with test transactions to verify tracking is functioning properly.
  • Self-Placed Pixel - Our partners are able to add their tracking pixel into our platform directly from the partner interface to eliminate reporting discrepancies and allow our tracking systems to work in conjunction with each other.
  • Campaign Types - Our network features all types of performance-based offers from top brands around the world, and allows partners to choose from CPA, CPC, Pay-Per-Call, CPL and mobile-based campaigns.

Let'sEarn Together

Partnership opportunities that result in win-win situations are almost treated as a luxury, but that’s where we set the standard at DirectClick. Our solutions were built to provide partners the platform and strategic guidance necessary to add value, and for advertisers to launch quality focused performance-based campaigns that drive incremental business.

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