Pay for Performance

Drive More Sales

Drive More Sales - We provide reliable tracking solutions and real-time reporting for all of the major performance-based campaign types such as Cost-Per-Action (CPA) and Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) based offers. Our platform allows advertisers to set custom payment terms for individual partners, and offer reoccurring commissions for subscription-based campaigns. We also support "postback method" tracking which allows Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) advertisers to reward partners when a lead they've driven turns into a sale. Learn More

Generate Quality Leads

Generate Quality Leads - Our feature rich tracking technology enables advertisers to launch lead-generation campaigns that are structured to fit their needs. Advertisers have the ability to set lead caps, geo-target their campaigns, provide multiple landing pages and enable SubID tracking for their partners. We also offer brand protection solutions that include access to compliance monitoring systems and real-time fraud prevention software, so advertisers can spend less time enforcing terms and maintain focus on growth. Learn More

Increase Inbound Calls

Increase Inbound Calls - Our Pay-Pay-Call solutions generate extremely high conversion rates by allowing advertisers to set up IVR’s and customize a call criteria that must be met in order for a call to be commissionable. The customizable criterion includes time duration, target regions, and business hours among other selectable requirements. Each partner drives calls to an exclusive 800 number provided by DirectClick to track their performance, and we all also record every single call for quality verification purposes. Learn More

Optimize Traffic Campaigns

Optimize Traffic Campaigns - Advertisers have grown tired of the inconsistent ROI generated by standard CPC and CPM campaigns, so we've developed a "hybrid" model to not only increase traffic but maintain profitability as well. The actual structure of our model is too complex to breakdown fully here, but we take a hands-on approach that allows advertisers to launch campaigns with high volume CPC/CPM partners, while ensuring all parties have a vested interest in the campaigns success by having each side agree to a predetermined overall CPA of the campaign. Learn More

Boost Mobile Traffic

Boost Mobile Traffic - Internet users are spending more and more time browsing the web on mobile devices, and studies suggest that number will continue to increase exponentially for the foreseeable future. Our flexible tracking platform makes it simple for advertisers to launch and optimize mobile-based campaigns within a single interface, while our large base of mobile partners provide access to high volumes of traffic that drive mobile application installs, sales or lead conversions across multiple verticals. Learn More

Let'sEarn Together

Partnership opportunities that result in win-win situations are almost treated as a luxury, but that’s where we set the standard at DirectClick. Our solutions were built to provide partners the platform and strategic guidance necessary to add value, and for advertisers to launch quality focused performance-based campaigns that drive incremental business.

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